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The founders of Party Plus commenced providing party hire equipment, balloons and party supplies to the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia in 1989.

Starting as a small home-based party hire business, within six months the business expanded, another party hire business was purchased, and both were combined and relocated to larger premises.

At this time a small number of helium-filled balloons and napkins were added to the range.

It soon became apparent that customers wanted more, so the existing business was sold in 1995 to fund the new concept.

In April 1996 a new Joondalup showroom was opened and began supplying a full range of party supplies and balloons to complement the party hire equipment.

Early growth

Only one year later, another outlet was opened in Osborne Park.

Another nearby run-down party hire business was purchased to take ownership of that business's first position in the Yellow Pages – a significant source of new customers at the time.

The combined Osborne Park operations were subsequently sold to a private buyer in 1999.

Having proven that a multiple site model worked, the founders engaged a franchising consultant to study the pros and cons of franchising the business.

The franchise was launched in July 2000.

The name and logo for "Party Plus" were registered as trademarks in Australia with the ultimate aim of being an Australia-wide franchise system.

Under New Management

Donna and Andrew Foote bought the second Party Plus franchise at Morley WA in August 2001.

As successful operators, they were nominated as the official training store for new franchisees.

In May 2003 their company was appointed Master Franchisee for WA, and the company later negotiated the purchase of the entire Party Plus system in March 2005.

Using experience in training, teaching, administration and management, from 2003 the franchisor management team has:

  • built their own successful store (run under management for two years and sold in 2007 for a significant capital gain)
  • assisted previous franchisees sell for high capital gains
  • commenced and trained eight new sets of franchisees
  • implemented a new branding campaign
  • redesigned all printed material and signage
  • implemented a highly successful television advertising campaign
  • assisted individual franchisees boost both turnover and, more importantly, net profits
  • overseen the Party Plus network turnover double from $1.3m (2003 to 2009)
  • overseen the growth of Party Plus to become the dominant player in the WA domestic market.


Franchises now available

The Franchisor is seeking people wanting to be part of this exciting growth industry. Party Plus are the first franchised party stores in Australia and the only franchise offering the full range of customer's needs. Party Plus is poised to take advantage of the enormous growth in service industries throughout the new century.

For further information on Party Plus franchises or Master Franchises in other states and territories of Australia, please contact the Franchisor:

Party Plus Franchising (WA)

T: (08) 9221 9997

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Showroom Hours

 Monday to Friday:  8:30am to 5:30pm

Saturday:  9:00am to 5:00pm

Sunday and Public Holidays:  Closed


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